Thursday, April 1, 2010


Bangladesh is a developing country of south-east Asia. The golden jubilee of the independence of Bangladesh would be observed in 2021. The country has already fixed its target of achieving 'Digital Bangladesh' by that time. It is a timely expectation for proper positioning the country among other hi-tech countries globally. A country goes digital means it will be an e-state means all its activities of governance, commerce, education, agriculture etc., will be powered by computer and internet. Today information communication technology (ICT) drives the technological and economic advancement of the developed as well as emerging economies. The goal of establishing such digital country would bring success in the ICT sector, which cannot be ignored in this 21st century. Heading towards that target will link every device such as cell phone, internet, computer, e-learning, e-governance etc. Both the ruling and opposition parties in Bangladesh, i.e. Awami League (AL) and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) emphasized ICT development as a core issue. With the landslide victory of AL in the recent general election of December 29, 2008, the making of an ICT-driven society in Bangladesh is now a real possibility. The election manifesto of AL pledged with ICT commitment that cuts across the whole range of social, economic and governance development issues. The AL assured to build a 'Digital Bangladesh' where people will get a developed life, free from crime, corruption, misrule and face the challenges of the 21st century. The main opposition, BNP also mentioned a number of times that they started the programmed in their tenure and would complete it earlier than 2021. Therefore, the destination for the new generation is correctly pointed out towards a 'Digital Bangladesh' and there is no disagreement on the issue among the parties .We may turn our country into Digital Bangladesh .So we all should come forward to turn our country as Digital Bangladesh. The government has already taken step to change our outlook.


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  2. hmm..good to know about bangladesh! good day! hope to see you around!

  3. Digital Bangladesh? Wow, it's a great development!


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